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  • Magnifique ,travail remarquable. Un cadeau de ma famille pour mes 60ans et fier de la porter. Merci

    Mauger D

  • bien reçue ce jour ma 2 ème chevalière quelle magnifique travail ce sera une fierté de la porté , Guy est a l'écoute...

    Eric B

  • Très belles réalisation, M.MARTINEZ est à l'écoute et on peut clairement expliquer les détails de la réalisation. Je...

    Christian R

  • Superbe chevalière, conforme à mes attentes. Je me ferais ambassadeur de memoring. merci à toute l'équipe. Fabricimo

    Fabrice i

  • Une personne comme l ont en fait plus à l écoute de ses clients comme jamais,un dévouement sans borne,un travail...

    Sylvie B

  • Après un petit loupé, cela a été rattrapé avec un petit bonus. Merci pour ce magnifique travail

    Thierry l

  • Super travail, et supeR qualité !! Très content Encore merci

    Frédéric M

  • je viens de recevoir mon crucifix des TAP .beau travail rien à redire .Félicitations à toute l'équipe de MEMORING.

    Dominique o

  • Que ce soit en terme de qualité ou bien du suivi , je suis très satisfait de Memoring , et du travail soigné de Mr...

    Eddy d

  • Dans un premier temps, accueil de qualité, personne d'une grande gentillesse. Dans un deuxième temps, les consignes...

    Grégory B

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General Sales Terms on our E- Boutique

 1. Overview

The following Conditions, as well as all other annex rules put in place by MemOring and put at the disposal of clients in accordance with the following dispositions (collectively called “General Sales Terms” will apply to all sales of MemOring products that you the client can order from SAS MemOring a French registered company located in Le Casard-Cordieux, 01120 Montluel, France  (“MemOring”  or there after designated as « us » or « our ») either ( a ) via phone to our Client Relations Service of  MemOring ( the « Client Relations Service » ) whose phone number and e-mail address are on the website  or  ( b) on internet via the  MemOring website with the domain name (the “ website” ) These general sales terms apply only to sales via the Client Relations Service or from the website. MemOring may modify the General Sales Terms at will and if need be. The General Sales Terms apply to all orders done through the Client Relations Service or by the website and are in force when orders are made in your name by a representative of MemOring (in the case of an order through the Client Relations Service of the website) or when you make an order via the website. In the case of an order via the website, when you click on « I accept » or in a similar case, in the column “confirm order” before passing your order to MemOring , you indicate that you fully accept the General Sales Terms.


If you refuse to accept the General Sales Terms in use today, you will not be able to order MemOring products from the website or Client Service Centre. People wanting to use the Client Service Centre or the website will also be known, because of the fact of such usage, to have accepted to be bound by our Conditions of use of our website and our confidentiality policy, which are included by reference in the General Sales Terms

Clients using our Client Relations Service will have access to our confidentiality policy in our « acknowledgement of receipt of your order »


Sales Terms

Only adults who ( A ) i. e.  are 18 years old in most countries , ( b) or who have the legal power to conclude contracts and ( C) reside in France or around the world can order products through the Client Relations Service or on the website  (please also see the column payment and shipping hereunder for more details.

If you are not an adult or if for any other reason you do not have the legal power to conclude contracts, one of your parents or your tutor will have to order in your name, and approve the General Sales Terms. Any order made that violates this clause will be considered as being null and void.

When ordering through the Client Relations Service or the website, you declare and affirm being in good faith a client and end user that will neither deliver, sell or distribute in anyway, shape or form MemOring products, and will not purchase MemOring products for any commercial purposes  

If, in spite of our efforts, products are no longer available or if MemOring has valid reasons to believe that an order was given that violates the General Sales Terms, then MemOring can refuse that order.


3. Availability and quantity of products

All orders given through the Client Relations Service or on the website are accepted if the product is available and with the consent of MemOring. MemOring reserves the right to modify the assortment of products proposed on the website or through the Client Relations Service. The Client Relations Service and the pages on the website will give you information about the products available for sale now through the above channels.

Please take note, that all products that have the button « add to cart » can be sold through the website. You can also call our Client Relations Service  (phone number on website)  and a representative of MemOring will give you detailed info on the availability of products and will guide you in your purchase.


4. Account registration and personal information

So as to order via the Client Relations Service or the website, you must, or the representative of MemOring (in your name) will register you and create your online account.

To register yourself, you must give personal information that is valid and up-to-date, like your name, first name, phone number, your e-mail and postal address and confirm that you are an adult.

Once you will have registered your account on the website or done so through a representative of MemOring, you will get an e-mail that will enable you to access your account on the website and to create a user ID giving you permanent access to your account and also give you a password.

It could also be, when your online account is being registered, that you get a second e-mail giving an overview of your personal information. It’s our responsibility to constantly ensure the security and secrecy of your password as well as, access to your account. MemOring cannot be held accountable for any fraudulent use of your account due to third party access and the use of your password and user ID to your account. We can punctually modify the information required to make a new order or to registering of accounts.  These modifications will be published on the website. Refer to our confidentiality policy and clause 8 of the General Sales Terms where you will find full information on the use we could make of your personal info.

In case you have modifications in reference to the info you gave to the Client Relations Service or on the website, go to your account and update it yourself or inform the Client Relations Service (our phone number and e-mail are on the website) or advise MemOring as indicated in our Confidentiality Policy. If MemOring suspects that a third party hacked a client’s password and/or user ID to connect to his account, MemOring will immediately cancel and terminate that account and will notify the client of the termination via e-mail or phone.


5. Orders

If you wish to order via the website, your order will be processed as follows: Once you will have chosen a product, click on the button « add to cart » so as to put the product in your cart.

You can also click on the « personalize » button and select the different personalized options offered. You can then decide on continuing your purchases and add them to your cart or pay for them by clicking on the “Order” button. You can also delete one or several products that you have selected in the cart.

When ordering via phone through the Client Relations Service (phone number on the website), a representative of MemOring will ensure the follow-up of the order. When you order via the Client Relations Service or the website, you must or may have to give more personal info (final address of shipment, billing address and payment details)

You certify that all the personal information given to MemOring are true and exact. Regarding details on the choice of options:

Ring size: MemOring suggest that measuring the size of the wearer be done by a jeweller, in case of a bad fit of the signet ring at delivery, SAS MemOring cannot be held responsible for the bad fit requiring after sales service to adapt the signet ring to the proper size. The client is free to have the signet ring modified by a qualified jeweller so as to not pay postage fees. This modification is done and paid for by the client only. The size on the measurement tool of the jeweller corresponds to the measurement indicated on the thinnest part at the base of the signet ring.

For serial numbers, it is asked that it be clearly written and easily readable. A wrong reading of badly written and unclear information cannot be imputed to an SAS MemOring defect.

For Overseas Operations: The number of stars is normally 10, nevertheless, if there is a need to add more, we propose to modify the size of these stars or to modify their standard layout so as to make them readable. With regards to setting precious stones SAS MemOring will provide an authenticity certificate

For stones corresponding to Military Valour or Combat Wounds, you will be asked to provide a copy of the awarding of the medal so as to avoid “Walter Mitty” awarding  


6. Prices, Taxes and Delivery Costs

Except when mentioned, all the prices indicated on the product pages of the website or mentioned by the Client Relations Service are in Euros, VAT included and do not include delivery costs as well as any other taxes. The currency that applies will be updated considering the destination of the delivery after you will have indicated the delivery address.

MemOring reserves the right to modify the prices and delivery costs at any time and this without prior warning. The price of a product and delivery costs indicated on the website or indicated by the Client Relations Service at the time when MemOring gives you confirmation of your order will be honoured by MemOring

Shipping costs are not indicated on the product pages but will be added to the price of the product after you will have chosen your delivery options. Delivery costs and the applicable VAT will be indicated on your order page before you will be asked to confirm and send it to MemOring (with regards to an order done on the website) or will be given by the Client Relations Service ( in case of an order made via phone) and they will also appear on the Order Confirmation and on the bill ( if you choose to receive one) . The delivery costs are on the Shipping Policy described hereafter. Be aware that VAT will vary in accordance to where the products are shipped.  

7. Verification and client confirmation

We strongly suggest you carefully verify all the details of an order before you send it to our Client Relations Service or the website, this also includes all the specific information relating to each order, given by the MemOring representative (in the case of an order via the Client Relations Service) or on the website (in the case of a website order). After having thoroughly checked your order, please then click on the box beside « I have read and accept the General Sales Terms » so as to indicate your acceptance of the General Sales Terms, then click on the “Order with required payment” (on the website) so as to send your order

When sending an order, you submit a purchase offer to MemOring of the products in your “cart”. Notwithstanding any indications to the contrary, MemOring reserves the right to refuse, cancel or terminate any orders at any time for legitimate reasons

8. Payment

8.1 Payment via credit card or debit card

As indicated on the website and this can also be done via the Client Relations Service, you can pay for your order with a credit or debit card. Your billing address must be in one of the nations indicated in Clause 2 above.

When you order via the website you must indicate your payment details on the correct form. If you are ordering via phone you must give to the Client Relations Service your credit/debit card numbers, the 3 or 4 number security code at the back or front of the card….

Your phone conversation can be recorded for security reasons and also to ensure quality service, but they information on your cards will not be recorded by our Client Relations Service or anything said will be ciphered and used only to handle the transactions done with your payment cards.

Please see our Confidentiality policy where you will find detailed info concerning the way and the time we are likely to use or keep your personal information and the recording of phone conversations.

All owners of credit/debit cards are subject to validation and authorisation controls by the issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to validate the payment to MemOring you will have to contact the issuer directly to fix the problem and MemOring will not be held responsible of any late or non-delivery.

 So as to handle your order and the level of personalisation of the products, we await full payment in order to make your product. A confirmation of the order will be sent you and your payment card will be debited of the purchase price that applies.

When submitting a purchase order of MemOring products on the website or through the Client Relations Service, you authorise MemOring to do a check on your payment card and if MemOring thinks it necessary, to transmit or obtain information (including updated information ) concerning you from third parties, including but only in reference to your payment card number, this is so as to authenticate your ID, to validate your payment card, to get a first authorisation on the payment card and permit the individual purchase  transactions 

Regarding this contract, the payment of products and/or purchased services on the website via a credit or debit card are handled by the Crédit Mutuel Villars les Dombes for SAS MemOring, Montuel, France in accordance to the standard mode of payment used for the purchase of goods and services

8.2. Payment via bank transfers

We also accept payment via bank transfers for all your orders through the website or the Client Relations Service. Remember to write the reference number of your order on the bank transfer form.

When you will have sent in your order and chosen your mode of payment to be via bank transfer, MemOring will wait until it has received your payment before handling your order.

If the funds are not credited on our bank account within 7 working days after your sending in your order, that order will be cancelled

MemOring wil not take a commission on a bank transfer payment. Nevertheless, please ensure that we receive the full amount mentioned in the order acknowledgement so that we can process your order. Be aware, that some banks can take a commission on bank transfers.


 8.3 Payment via PayPal

Payment can also be done through Paypal on the website

8.4 Payment via check

Payment can be done via a certified bank check in Euros and sent via mail to SAS MemOring, Service Clients, Le Casard-Cordieux, Once you will have sent in your order and chosen to pay via a certified bank check in Euros as your mode of payment, MemOring will wait for your payment before handling your order. If the funds are not credited to our bank account within 9 working days after you sent in your order, that order will be cancelled.  

8.5 Several payments at no cost

SAS MemOring accepts 3 payments at no cost. This proposal must be validated by the Client Services. This option is valid with clauses 8.2 – 8.3 and 8.4.


8. Acknowledgement of receipt of order

Once you have sent in your order on the website or through the Client Relations Service, you will get the acknowledgement of receipt of order via e-mail this will mention the details of your order, at the same time as, the General Terms of sale.

This acknowledgement of receipt of order will contain the Reference Number of your order given by MemOring. Please check the General Terms of Sale once you receive the acknowledgement of receipt and keep the Reference Number of your order, for safety just in case.

This acknowledgement of receipt of your order is not a proof that we have accepted your order. Following the acknowledgement of receipt of your order, MemOring will execute the standard security procedures and then will handle your order.


10. Confirmation of your order by MemOring

When shipping your order, after the standard security procedures have been done, MemOring will send you an e-mail or SMS confirming your order.
The Confirmation of your order means that MemOring accepts your order and the existence of a sales contract that must be executed

MemOring will keep the info concerning all orders as per the law. These documents will be at the disposal of the clients either after registering in the “my account” column of the website or by contacting the Client Relations Service.

11. Shipping Policy

We will ship only to addresses in the countries listed in Clause 2 (above). Further info can be found on the website or by contacting the Client Relations Service

The delivery cost and estimated time of delivery will be indicated on the website or given to you verbally by the Client Relations Service before you make an order, and they will be mentioned in the acknowledgement of your order.

When the estimated time of delivery of a product is given, please take into account the delay due to approval of credit, verification of the address and processing of the order as well as necessary delays in the reception of your payment in case of a bank transfer. 

Once the order is processed and ready to be sent you, we will give you the Confirmation of your order via e-mail. Refer to the website or call our Client Relations Service if you want to know more.

We will do everything in our power to respect delivery delays of 20 working days starting from the date of  reception of the Confirmation of your order.

In all packages, you will also find in addition to the MemOring product purchased: other accessories. The Authenticity certificate can be sent you 30 days after the shipping of your parcel.

MemOring ensures all purchases during their transit right up to your door. We require the signature of an adult so that reception of each MemOring product is confirmed has having been received, at which time the responsibility for the merchandise purchased and delivered is totally yours. 

12. Bills

When you order on the website or with the Client Relations Service, you as a client will have the possibility to choose to receive a bill at your billing address

If you then decide that you do not want to receive a bill, you can at any time ask for a bill by calling the Client Relations Service (phone number on the website), and this on the condition that you give the Client Relations Service your ID

13. The client’s right to withdraw

Products made on the specific demand of a client or that are manifestly made to order are not included in the right to retract. At no time can non-contractual 3D images of the signet rings be considered as a finished product.


14. Manufacturer’s warranty

MemOring scrupulously ensures that the finished product follows the quality standards that apply to it and that it has passed all technical and aesthetic controls

Selected products are covered by MemOrings’ International warranty. If you wish to repair a product that is under warranty, please refer to it or call our Client Relations Service to know more.


15. Legal Warranty

As a client, you have the same rights with regards to national legislation that applies with regards to the sale of consumer goods; these rights are not affected the General Sales Terms

16. Repairs

For all questions with regards to repairs, please contact our Client Relations Service (phone number and e-mail address on the website) or click on After Sales Service on the website


17. Exactness of the prices and description of products

Even though MemOring does its best to ensure the exactness of the info published on its website, in its commercials or in catalogues or for example that of the Client Relations Service, it doesn’t guarantee explicitly or implicitly the exactness, the reliability and exhaustiveness of such info. MemOring doesn’t confirm the price of a MemOring product before a Confirmation of order is sent by MemOring indicating the existence of a sales contract being in force.

If the correct price of a MemOring product is higher than the price on our website, then MemOring will contact the client to ask him what he wishes to do before shipping the order, either, in the case that MemOring cannot get instructions from the client, it will reject the order and will notify the client of this rejection.

Even if MemOring tries to ensure that the photographic or graphic descriptions of MemOring products on the website or in a catalogue are as exact as possible, MemOring doesn’t guarantee that these or also other contents are without errors, be this because of inexactness, an omission or obsolete element or any other reason

Therefore the only recourse of a client in the case of such an error is to return the product as is indicated in our Return Policy

18. Competent Courts under French Law

You can also use the recourse of a lawsuit against MemOring at the Tribunal of Bourg en Bresse. MemOring can also use the recourse of lawsuit against you in your country of residence

.Without any restrictions before going using a recourse in a Tribunal MemOring or the client will do their utmost to settle a dispute or disagreement with regards to a product or the General Sales Terms or business related to this, out of court for a period of 30 days

article L152-1 du Code de la consommation dispose que :

Article L-152-of the Consumer code says:


Any consumer has the right to have a consumer mediator at no charge, so as to resolve problems out of court; that opposes him to a professional. In this case, the professional guarantees the consumer of the assistance consumer mediation as a first recourse.  

The professional can set up his own consumer mediation system or propose the use of any other legally qualified consumer mediator 

When a consumer mediator whose competence includes all the businesses activities of a specific area of business is avaible, the professional always enables the consumer to have its assistance

Last update : April 7,2016